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Ancient Battles in the Movies

Catapults . . . Battering Rams . . . "Tanks" . . . Armor . . . Swords . . . Shields . . . Historical Accuracy Assured By Research . . . Tricks Used

By Andrew R. Boone

Diggers in the Field

Archeologists Dig Up Ancient Utensils Very Much Like Our Own, One of Them a Mystery

By Albert G. Ingalls

Ready-Made Houses

Houses from Catalogs, Pre-Fabricated Steel, Pre-Cast Concrete, Several Types, More than Mere Novelty, Basic Accomplishments

By Philip H. Smith

What are Positrons?

Discovery of a Positively Charged Counterpart to the Negative Electron, That Can Apparently be Created and Destroyed, Dirac's Theory, All Space Filled With an Infinite Number of Electrons That Can Never be Directly Observed...

By E. U. Condon

The Lady Mosquito and Her Pocket Jack-Knife Tool Kit

By Geo. A. Skinner

When a Snake Bites You

Serum is not Sufficient, Prolonged Mechanical Suction is the Basis of the Highly Successful San Antonio Treatment, Now Used by U. S. Army

By W. A. Bevan

The Latest in Police Radio

The Seven League Boots of Photography

Telephoto Lenses are Versatile, Annihilate Space, Larger Images, Better Portraits

By Jacob Deschin

Flood Control on Ol' Man River

Started 1928, Completion Next Year, Levees Raised, Fuse-Plug Spillways, Floodways Provided, 650,000,000 Cubic Yards of Earth Moved

By R. G. Skerrett

Office Efficiency

Increased by Scientific Study, Better Light, Quiet, Comfort, How Studied

By Dean M. Warren

Sun Clocks

Beautiful Garden Ornaments, Sun Clocks, Not Sundials, Dependable to Within One Minute

By Russell W. Porter

The Blue Clouds of Mars

By Henry Norris Russell

Progress in This Age of Science as Told to Scientific American, August 1935

As Told to Scientific American

By Edeard G. Budd


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