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Save Our Game!

Provide Reservations, Stop Useless Swamp Drainage, Game Conservation Has Wide-Spread Effects, Value to Communities and Individuals

By J. N. Darling

Photo-Murals Gain Favor

Why Seek Air Records?

Record Flights Point the Way to Scheduled Operation, Prove Correctness of Designs, Test Equipment, Provide an Index of Performance

By Reginald M. Cleveland

In Defense of Insects

Only 300 Species Out of 500,000 Are Man's Enemies, No Insects--No Silk Stockings, No Fruit, Even the Hated Housefly Now Useful

By Albert Dickman

Tempered Glass

Resists Temperature Changes, Can Be Twisted or Bent, Stronger Than Ordinary Glass, Clear or Colored

Tumbling Caissons

Caissons Constructed Upside Down on Ways, Launched, Built Up, Turned Over, Sunk in Clay, Workmen Inside Excavate Water Bed

By R. G. Skerrett

The Cosmic Ray Puzzle

Once Believed to Be Light of Extremely High Frequency, Cosmic Rays Are Now Thought to be Mainly, or Largely, Charged Particles, But the Final Answer Still Remains a Mystery

By Jean Harrington

Cosmic Rays

By Arthur H. Compton

For Better Houses

Scientific Materials, For Insulation, Durability, Permanence, Easier Application, Slow Growth Explained, What The Future Holds

By Philip H. Smith

Cut the Overhead!

When Hard Times Come It Is the Logical Time to Increase, Not Cut, the Funds for Research, Research Millions Are the Seeds of Billions

By T. Swann Harding

The Last Word in Ameriean Naval Construction

Lost Wax Casting

Used by Cellini and Before, Finest Work Possible, How It Is Done

Progress in This Age of Science as Told to Scientific American, September 1935

By William S. Shipley


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  • Hydraulics And Electricity Make Better Automobile Bodies

  • Our Point of View, September 1935

  • An Ancient Egyptian Sundial, Laboratory Tests for Rugs and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, September 1935

  • Camera Angles

  • World-Wide Radio, September 1935

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