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An Orang Born in Captivity


Agricultural Research Aids Industry

Co-operation Brings Results, Better Crops Are Produced, New Industries Born, Old Ones Benefited, Ultimate Consumer Reaps a Harvest

By James T. Jardine

Building Blocks of the Atom

Artificial Disintegration Leads to Knowledge of How Atoms Are Made, A Round-up of Terms

The Great Mound of Tepe Gawra

By Jotham Johnson

A Link in a Chain of Dams

Wheeler Dam, Completed Next Year, Will Produce, Power Has Navigation Lock, Operated With Other Dams, Will Control Tennessee River

By Herbert F. Gough

Watching Crystals Grow

Under the Microscope Perfect Specimens Photomicrographs of Almost Any Chemical

By Benton Stone Jr.

World Astronomers Meet Again

Every Three Years an International Body of Astronomers Meets, Mainly to Coordinate and Facilitate Cooperation of National Groups

By Henry Norris Russell

Nature Faking Again

Silly Stories and Pictures to the Contrary Notwithstanding, Quite Unthinkable, Often Laughable Nonsense Fancy Yarns

By S. F. Aaron

Light Waves in Industry

Gage Blocks, Master Gage Blocks, Optical Flats, The Master Controls

By Everett W. Melson

Military Motorization

What is Scientific Proof?

The Commonest Mistake, What the Real Method of the Scientist Demands, Hard-boiled, Cold, Rigorous Logic, Two and Two are Not Nine

By T. Swann Harding

From Metal to Money

Scenes in a U.S. Mint

Eyes of the Fleet

By Andrew R. Boone

Make Your Own Light-Sensitive Cells

Supply Five To Ten Milliamperes, Operate Relays, Easy To Make, Low In Cost

By John H. Radu

Progress in this Age of Science as Told to Scientific American, October 1935

By Lewis H. Brown


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  • Water Weight, Fingerprints Raised from Cloth and more

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  • "Angle" Photography, New Low-Priced Exposure Meter and more

  • The 1936 All-Wave Receivers, Amateur "Phone" Transmitters and more

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