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90 Years of Service

The "Cradle of the Navy" on the Severn River

15 Years of Naval Development

Momentous Post-War, Post-Treaty Period, Great Advances in Design, Construction, and Personnel Training, Science in the Navy

By Captain Jonas H. Ingram

The Problem of the Far East

Pacific Naval Problems Have Their Foundations in the History of International Meddling and Muddling, A Way Out

By Orson D. Munn

Annapolis--Maker of Men

The Mission of the Naval Academy, Opportunity, Romance, Adventure, Future, Character-Building and Education

By Captain Jonas H. Ingram

Radio in Naval Tactics

By Lieutenant W. B. Ammon

A Forecast of World Navies

Design Trends in Naval Ships, Eyes Focused on Japan, What Ships Powers Will Build; What Types Discard, Possible Design Modifications

By Oscar Parkes

Industry And The Navy

Tangible, Cash Results to Industry from the Navy's Demands for Superior Products

By F. D. Mchugh

Flying in the Navy

Determining Factor in Tactics, A Combatant Arm of the Service, Three General Classes of Aircraft, Will Battleships Become Obsolete?

By Captain P. N. L. Bellinger

Do We Hear with Our Eyes?

Eyes Work Where Ears Fail, "Lip Reading" a Misnomer, Correcting Errors in Understanding

By Jack C. Cotton

States that Build a Cruiser

By Logan U. Reavis

Oxygen Stars and Carbon Stars

Old Story, New Chapter, A Carbon Star with a Vengeance, Changes Still a Mystery, All Over the Universe Matter Is Evidently the Same

By Henry Norris Russell

Steel Bridge Cables Spun Like Threads

By Andrew R. Boone

Synthetic Rubber From a Gas

Practical Application of an Abstruse Scientific Discovery, Opens the Way to a New Industry

By J. A. Nieuwland

Prehistoric Fingerprints

Rock Carvings on an Island Near France N ow Believed to Have Been Symbols of Fingerprint Religion

By B. C. Bridges


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