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Canada's Newest Aid to Science

No Super War Gas!
The Sciences

No Super War Gas!

Ideal War Gas May Never be Found, Requirements and Limitations, Nations Still Rely on Wartime Combat Chemicals

By Alden H. Waitt

Another Step Toward Highway Safety

A Planned Express-Way, Overhead Crossings, Pedestrian Subways and Overpasses, An Example Worthy of Attention by City Planners Elsewhere

By Earle Duffy

Energy From Matter

How Einstein's Principle is Verified, Stupendous Energy Revealed, But Unavailable Because of Low Efficiency of Transmutation

By E. U. Condon

The Breath of Life—at Your Service

Smoke, to You, is One Thing - to the Fireman Quite Another, He Takes It Seriously, Knows Its Dangers, A Pleasant Death, Anyway

By William H. Easton

Perpetual Ice in a Lava Bed

By A. P. Peck

Wide Spectrum Lines and Small Stars

By Henry Norris Russell

Colorado River's Newest Dam

Will Divert Water for California, Gates to Control Severest Floods, Concrete Arch Type

By Andrew R. Boone

Prehistoric Burials of Tepe Gawra

Twenty-three Tomb Burials Excavated, Apex of Stone Craftsmanship and Goldsmith's Art, Over 5000 Years Old, Who Were the Gawrans?

By Charles Bache

Not Just Glass

Glass Age is 6000 Years, Last 20 Have Seen Most Progress, Important New Uses, Architectural, Industrial, Scientific Types of Class

By Philip H. Smith

Progress in this Age of Science as Told to Scientific American, December 1935

By William B. Stout

Index To Volume 153, July-December, 1935


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