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Death and Co

Unexplained Accidents, Asleep at the Wheel, Carbon Monoxide (CO) Responsible, How to Avoid Dangerous Concentrations of the Gas

By Lawrence A. Clousing

Aluminum's Future

The Next Fifty Years of Aluminum: In the Light of Yesterday's Progress and Tomorrow's Research Possibilities

By W. S. McArdle

A Rival of the Vacuum Tube

The Electron Multiplier, Bombarded Surfaces Become Electron Emitters, Uses in Photo-Electricity and Television, May Open New Fields

By Vladimir K. Zworykin

When Dust Goes Up in Smoke

A Vital Problem in Many Industries, Dust Explosion Control Explained, Fatalities Reduced, New Industries—New Factors

By David J. Price

Section Slicer

Aids Study of Wool, Hair, and Other Fibers

More About Nova Herculis

Transformation of a Stellar Atmosphere into an Expanding Nebula, Outer Layers Blown into Space, Energized by a Hot Neighboring Star

By Henry Norris Russell

The Heel of the Conqueror

Ancient City Mound in Palestine, Evidences of Several Conquests Revealed to Excavators

By Jotham Johnson

Patents and Industry, February 1936

Why Does the Atom Stick Together?

Family Rows Rare Within the Atom, Peculiar Behavior of Electric Forces Prevents Nucleus From Flying Apart, Scientists Seek Solution

By Jean Harrington

Nobel Prize Radioactivators

High Voltage Research for Commercial Use

By Andrew R. Boone


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