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Personalities in Science, May 1936

By Alexis Carrel

The 200-Inch Telescope

Observatory Design, A New Astrophysical Observatory, The Great Reflector, Auxiliary Devices, Purpose of the New Observatory...

By George E. Hale

Do Hatchery Trout Go Wild?

Restocking is the Trout Fisherman's Only Hope for the Future, Proper Methods, Results of Hatchery Experiments, It Can Be Done...

By Russell F. Lord

Cut Weight-Cut Cost

Welding's Rapidly.... Growing Importance, Used for Production, Patching, Repairs, Saves Weight and Thus Modifies Design Practice

By Philip H. Smith

A Catastrophe That Did Not Happen

Why the Billion-Ton Minor Planet which Recently Passed Closer to the Earth than Anything Ever Known to Astronomers did not Strike it, The Earth is Safe for a Long Time to Come...

By Henry Norris Russell

Seeing in the Dark

Made Possible by the Electron Lens, Focuses Electrons as Glass Lens Focuses Light, Useful for Secret Signalling, Image Fidelity...

By Vladimir K. Zworykin

A Modern Port for Bordeaux

Advance Port at Ocean for French City, Wharf Piers Unique, Built on Land, Floated, Sunk, Engineering Problems, Channel Dredge...

By R. G. Skerrett

Towing Tank

Tests Ship Scale Models

The Mystery of the Neutrino

A Particle or Entity which May Turn Out to be a Nonentity, The Law of Conservation Apparently Fails, What Scientists are Wondering

By Jean Harrington

The Capital Ship's Structural Defense

Fairbottom Bobs

Oldest New common Engine, Salvaged, Shipped to America from England, Restored, Operating Once Again, A Mechanical Link with the Past...

By F. D. Mchugh

Arctic Radium

Ores of the Canadian Arctic, By Air and Water and Rail to the South, Refined and Made Ready for Hospital Use Near Toronto...

By James Montagnes


  • 50 Years Ago In Scientific American, May 1936

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    Tentative Sketch of the 200-Inch Telescope

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  • Lying-Down Spectacles, Shortage of Coal-Tar Chemicals and More

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