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Calling on the Widow

Our Most Poisonous Spider Incredible Speed, Throws Her Lasso, The Death Blow, But the Male Doesn't Amount to Much, Antitoxic Serums

By Nelson W M. Baker

Nature's Seaplanes--The Flying Fish

Archeology from the Air

The Archeologist Standing on the Earth's Surface is Too Close to the Trees to See the Woods, but Air Photography Reveals a New Crop of Discoveries

By Stanley Casson

Who's a Good Driver?

Opinions Differ, Tests Tell, The Human Equation Must Be Solved, Egotism Solved by Training. Privileges for Superior Drivers?

By Philip H. Smith

Photograph Contest Awards

Horse and Buggy Bridges

Forgotten Bridges Old, Weak, Not Built for Modern Vehicles, Narrow Bottlenecks, Hamper Traffic, Unsafe, Endanger Life

By F. D. McHugh

Up to Date on Cosmic Rays

Efforts to Piece Together the Biggest Present Puzzle of Physical Science Go On, Part of the Picture Emerges but Much Remains a Deep Mystery

By Jean Harrington

Microscopic Big Books

Books, Documents, Drawings, Newspapers on Tiny Film Read in Projector, System Saves Handling of Originals, Enlarges Libraries, Many Uses

By R. G. Skerrett

Novae a Super-Novae

The New Star Recently Discovered Lies in Our Own Galaxy and is a Normal Type. Some Seen in Other Galaxies Are Enormous, Called Super-Novae

By Henry Norris Russell

Liquid-Propellant Rocket Development, September 1936

Gyroscopic Control, Speeds of 500 and Then 700 Miles per Hour Attained, The Next Step Toward Higher Speeds and Elevations is Weight Reduction

By Robert H. Goddard


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, September 1936

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    Books Selected by the Editors, September 1936

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    Personalities in Science, September 1936

  • The Black Widow's Mate is Insignificant

  • Our Point of View, September 1936

  • One Million Inches of Fine Ruling on Glass, Leaping Lena and more

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