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Getting the Big Fellows Overboard

As a Ship Goes Down the Ways, Spectators See A Spectacle but Know Not the Careful Preparations, the Dangers, the Suspense, and the Drama

By Commander W. Mack Angas

Coast Defense from the Air

Night Bombing . . . Deceiving Anti-Aircraft Gunners . . . Concrete Practice Bombs . . . Radio Bombing

By Andrew R. Boone

The Mists of Madness

By G H. Estabrooks

The Sun Reawakens

By Albert G. Ingalls

Mystery Shafts of Ipswich

Suspicions of Roman Age, Strange Condition of Affairs, A Peculiar Feature Was Observed, A Foxy Trick But Not Foxy Enough, Suspense

By J. Reid Moir

New Light on the Origin of the Planets

By Henry Norris Russell

Four Bridges in One

Seven Years Building, Unite Three Boroughs, Traffic Sorter, Part of an Express Highway System

Our Merchant Marine to Be

Merchant Marine Act of 1936, Direct Subsidies, Helps Development, Shipbuilding, Strengthens Competitive Position, Aids National Defense

By Hon Daniel C. Roper

America from the Air

Science Versus Magic

Oil Prospecting by Physics Will Average Oil Strikes Nine Times out of Ten, Using a Simple Pendulum Incredible, Uncanny Sensitivity

By Aubrey D. McFadyen


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, October 1936

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