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As the 200-Inch Telescope Develops

Promise of an Instrument Better than the Dreams of the Astronomers, Construction Under Way, To be Finished in Four Years, 1,000,000 Pounds

By C. S. McDowell

Invisible Lenses

Contact Eye Lenses, No Longer A Scientific Curiosity, But Improved During the Past Two Years, Now Being Worn For Longer Periods

By Theodore E. Obrig


Archeology In A. D. 8113, An Opportunity For This Generation, Preserving Records For Posterity, Co-operation Needed

By Thornwell Jacobs

Paper Progresses

New Technique in Paper Making, Yet Tradition Persists, New Papers, New Processes, The Role of the Laboratory, Increasing Efficiency

By Philip H. Smith

More About the New Lyttleton Theory of Planetary Origin

The Older Encounter Theory is Fortified, Removes the Last of the Dynamical Difficulties, But the Whole Problem is Still Far From Solved

By Henry Norris Russell

Taking The Guesswork Out of Flying

Definite Paths of Operation, Pilots Exchange Information on Conditions, Trained Meteorologists, What the Dispatcher Does

By T. Lee Jr.

An All-Belgian Canal

Albert Canal, Started 1930, Will Cost About 80,000,000, Be Completed Next Year, Gigantic Engineering Job, Economically Significant

By R. G. Skerrett

New Aids for Criminology

Finger Prints Raised With Iodine, Spectrographic Analysis of Materials, Tiny Traces Yield Evidence, Contribute to Conviction

By Andrew R. Boone

A Woman You Can See Through

A Find that Did Not Ring True

A Problem Solved, Though Solved Negatively, The Story Is a Naïve One, Mr. Brennan's Quick Irish Imagination, Practical Joke, WPA Workers

By Albert Ernest Jenks

Frog Farming

Natural Supply Rarely Equals Demand, Italy Imports Breeding Stock from California, Problems of Feeding, Farming Replacing Hunting

By Frank A. Montgomery Jr.


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, November 1936

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