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The Role of the Automobile

Individual Transportation, Has Transformed The National Scene, Steady Decline In Price, Safety A Paramount Issue In Design

By Walter P. Chrysler

Down to the Sea

Modern Liners, Efficient, Comfortable, Safe, Speedy, Great Recent Improvements, Scientific Design And Equipment, Air Competition?

By Kermit Roosevelt

A Relativistic Eclipse

What Might be Seen from a Planet Conveniently Placed Near the Companion of Sirius, Perfect Tests of General Relativity that are Unavailable

By Henry Norris Russell

The Rise of Air Transportation

Past, Present, Future, Air Mail Reaches All Five Continents, World-Wide Development, Catapults May Become Important

By Reginald M. Cleveland

Progress on Rails

Railroads Alert to Problems, Look Ahead, Build for Efficiency, Safety, Comfort, Speed, Constant Research Meets Modern Demands

By J. J. Pelley

Further Light on Man's Ancestry

The Fossil Ape Newly Found in South Africa is Probably Closer to Man than the Living Apes

By R. Broom

Highways Up-To-Date

Greatest Need is for "Freeways," What is Being Done in Foreign Countries, The Inter-American Highway, Much Work Remains

By Alfred H. Swayne

Twelve Years of Motor Coaches

Early Systems "Just Grew," Co-ordination Resulted in Progress, Comfort and Convenience for Passengers, What of the Next Five Years?

By I. B. Babcock

The Healing Maggot

One Superstition that Turned out to be a Fact, Science Went to Work, Maggots Went Out, Allantoin Came in, Followed by Urea, Now We Understand

By T. Swann Harding

After Cars Come Trailers

Mobile Homes for Everybody, What They Offer, Designs, Construction, Booming Trailer Industry, How Long Will it Boom?

By Philip H. Smith

Sense and Nonsense In Sensations

Hunger and Thirst, Fatigue and Pain, Cold and Warmth, Smell, Sight and Color Blindness, Hearing, Our "Intelligence Department"

By G. H. Estabrooks

Floods and Wildlife

Flood Control and Wildlife Management Can Be Correlated, Proper Dam Design Creates Wildlife Refuges, A Three-in-One Program

By Ira N. Gabrielson


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, February 1937

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    Books Selected by the Editors, February 1937

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    This Age of Transportation-Frontispiece

  • Our Point of View, February 1937

  • Huge "Ice-Pack" Saves Dam, Newsprint and more

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