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Consider the Dinosaur

He Was Long of Body but Short of Intellect, and He Died Out--Just Why, We Do Not Know, There Were Dozens of Types of Dinosaurs, How We Know

By Roy Chapman Andrews

What Brings Them Home?

By John Frazier Vance

America's Heavy Cruisers, March 1937

Step by Step, Design, Armament, Armor Have Been Improved with Each New Cruiser Class, We Now Have An Efficient Cruiser Fleet

By Walton L. Robinson

52-Year-Old Fire Fought by WPA

By C. A. Robinson

The Problem of the Holy Shroud

By Edward A. Wuenschel and Paul Vignon

Tubular Frame--Rear Engine

All Four Wheels Have Independent Springing, Engine, Transmission, and Differential In One Unit

The Analysis of the Sun

Progress is Being Made in the Detection of New Solar Elements by Means of the Spectroscope, Osmium, Iridium, Thulium Now Added to the List

By Henry Norris Russell

Rock-Fill Dam for Flood Control

Largest of its Type for the Purpose, Built in Six Zones, Compacted With Water, Huge Trucks Used, Gasoline-Operated Tampers

By Andrew R. Boone


A Commercial Unit Made at Home, Materials Easily Obtainable, Uses Photoflood Bulbs for Light Source, High-Speed Enlarging

By Herbert E. Hayden


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, March 1937

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    Books Selected by the Editors "Physics of the Home," March 1937

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    Personalities in Science, March 1937

  • An Intriguing Problem of Science and History, March 1937

  • Our Point of View, March 1937

  • Drilling Rigs on Truck Chassis, Ice Bug and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, March 1937

  • Trade Marks--Second Hand, Expanding Symbols and more

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