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Immunity for the Witness

Immunology, a Science which Often Goes to Law, Identifying Blood Stains, Animal or Human, What the Bio-chemist Does in the Laboratory

By Clennie E. Bailey

The Battleship Returns

Theoretically Obsolete a Few Years Ago, the Big Fellow is Back, All Powers are Building Battleships, New French Dunkerque Set the Pace

By Walton L. Robinson

More Efficient Locomotives

Steam Locomotive Still Supreme . . . Fewer in Service . . . More Power . . . Greater Efficiency . . . Engineering Improvements . . . Newer Rail Power Units

By Edward C. Schmidt

Unscientific Measurement In Athletics

Are Famous Track Records Inaccurate? . . . Effects of the Earth's Gravity and Rotation . . . Even the Latitude Has Effects That Alter the Records

By Paul H. Kirkpatrick

Improved Shore Defenses

Permeable Jetties . . . Better Than Solid Ones . . . Trip Waves Without Stopping Them . . . When Water is Slowed Up, it Deposits Sand, Builds Beaches

By R. G. Skerrett

Polygamous Molybdenum

Versatile Moly . . . Industrial Newcomer . . . Important for Alloying . . . Improves Physical Properties . . . Catalyst . . . Unusual Potentialities

By Philip H. Smith

What Is Life?

The Greatest Puzzle of All Science Seems Today to Be Nearing a Solution . . . Yet, As it Breaks Up, its Parts in Turn Form Newer, Baffling Puzzles

By T. Swann Harding

Snake Dance Secret Bared

Why Venomous Snakes Cannot Injure the Hopi Indian Priests . . . Explanation Is Simple

What Is Personality?

By P. F. Valentine

Weather Data By Radio from Captive Balloons

Our Weather Influenced by the Stratosphere . . . Radio Transmitters Anchored at High Altitudes to Send Out Thermometer and Barometer Readings


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, April 1937

  • The Population of Interstellar Space

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April 1937

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