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Immunity for the Witness

Immunology, a Science which Often Goes to Law, Identifying Blood Stains, Animal or Human, What the Bio-chemist Does in the Laboratory

By Clennie E. Bailey

The Battleship Returns

Theoretically Obsolete a Few Years Ago, the Big Fellow is Back, All Powers are Building Battleships, New French Dunkerque Set the Pace

By Walton L. Robinson

The Population of Interstellar Space

There is Evidence that Galactic Space Contains Extremely Tenuous Material--Scattered Atoms of Gas--and is not Wholly Empty, Its Source?

By Henry Norris Russell

More Efficient Locomotives

Steam Locomotive Still Supreme . . . Fewer in Service . . . More Power . . . Greater Efficiency . . . Engineering Improvements . . . Newer Rail Power Units

By Edward C. Schmidt

Unscientific Measurement In Athletics

Are Famous Track Records Inaccurate? . . . Effects of the Earth's Gravity and Rotation . . . Even the Latitude Has Effects That Alter the Records

By Paul H. Kirkpatrick

Improved Shore Defenses

Permeable Jetties . . . Better Than Solid Ones . . . Trip Waves Without Stopping Them . . . When Water is Slowed Up, it Deposits Sand, Builds Beaches

By R. G. Skerrett

Polygamous Molybdenum

Versatile Moly . . . Industrial Newcomer . . . Important for Alloying . . . Improves Physical Properties . . . Catalyst . . . Unusual Potentialities

By Philip H. Smith

What Is Life?

The Greatest Puzzle of All Science Seems Today to Be Nearing a Solution . . . Yet, As it Breaks Up, its Parts in Turn Form Newer, Baffling Puzzles

By T. Swann Harding

Snake Dance Secret Bared

Why Venomous Snakes Cannot Injure the Hopi Indian Priests . . . Explanation Is Simple

What Is Personality?

By P. F. Valentine

Weather Data By Radio from Captive Balloons

Our Weather Influenced by the Stratosphere . . . Radio Transmitters Anchored at High Altitudes to Send Out Thermometer and Barometer Readings


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, April 1937

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