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Taku Glacier Discharging into an Arm of the Pacific

Me and My Dog

Can Dogs Think? Lacking in Three Vast Advantages Humans Enjoy and Take for Granted, Dogs Cannot Be Regarded Scientifically as Thinking Animals

By G. H. Estabrooks

Minute Men of the Fire Line

By Andrew R. Boone

Denmark Bridges

By R. G. Skerrett

Safety in Industry

Youth and Age in the Heavens

A Problem That is Not so Simple as it Seems, Ascertaining Which Astronomical Events Have Followed Others, and Which Have Preceded Them

By Henry Norris Russell

Scientific Detection

By Thomas Hayes Jaycox

Written with the Archeologist's Spade, June 1937

Dura, Archeology's Most Hectic Day's Work, Found the Contracts, Mortgages, Accounts, Receipts, Letters, and Wills of the Ancient Citizens

By Jotham Johnson

Homalodotherium For Short

By Albert G. Ingalls

Fences, Bridges, Zippers

Wire In Industry Everyday Life, For Man-Sized Jobs For Tinsel, Important New Electro-Galvanizing, Process "Tailor-Made" Wires

By Philip H. Smith


By S. F. Aaron


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, June 1937

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    Books Selected by the Editors, June 1937

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    Our Point of View, June 1937

  • Musical Refrigerators, Longest Total Eclipse of Sun in 1200 Years and more

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, June 1937

  • Belligerent Trolley Car, Futile Utility and more

  • Index to Volume 156, January-June, 1937

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