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Knowing vs. Guessing in Medicine

Today the Physician Augments his Senses with a Multitude of Laboratory Tests, Microscopic, Electrocardiographic, and Many Other Tests

By Morris Fishbein

More Game

Game Birds Reared Under Artificial Conditions Can Survive in the Wild A Foreigner Holds Promise Sanctuaries Future Shooting

By Andrew R. Boone

The Fuel of the Stars

It is Now Believed that Hydrogen Transmuted into Heavier Elements is the Source of the Stupendous Energy that Keeps the Stars Shining for Eons

By Henry Norris Russell

More Horses in the Air

A 50-Fold Increase in Airplane Engine Power Within 34 Years, Basic Advances, Skill II Design and Research, End Not Yet in Sight

By Reginald M. Cleveland

Radium--Nature's Oddest Child

Becquerel Passed Up the Chance to Discover Radium, Nobody Knew Marie Sklodovska, Few Knew Marie Curie, She Held Out

By John A. Maloney

Locomotives Abroad

The Submarine in the Next War

Submarines are Here to Stay, In Most Modern Navies, Many New Ones Building, Their Mission Has Changed, What They Can and Will Do

By Walton L. Robinson

Textile Glass

What Are the Future Possibilities of Glass Fibers Produced by High-Pressure Steam? Already in Wide Use for Electrical and Thermal Insulation

Research by Partnerships, July 1937

Sherlock Holmes of the Forests

The Microscopic Identification of Wood by Forest Laboratory Experts Solves Crimes and Convinces Juries, as in the Famous Hauptman Murder Case

By Mary Brandel Hopkins

Is Nature Kind?

Throughout Nature's Realm the Almost Universal Rule is Tooth and Fang, Whether We Like it or Not, and Most of Us Don't, Fact Versus Fancy

By S. F. Aaron


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