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Design For Sales

Industrial Design Promotes Profits . . . Not Mere Decoration . . . Built-in Appearance of Competency with Charm Expresses Machine Age . . . Quality Now Comes with Quantity . . . Competition is the Driving Force...

By Philip H. Smith


By D. Cecilrife

The 200-inch Telescope Mirror Disk Under Initial Work

Old Problem—New Progress

How a Century-old Obstacle Has Been Avoided in Dealing with the Astronomer's "Problem of Three Bodies" . . . Special Problem Just Solve

By Henry Norris Russell

Rail Freight's Modern Tempo

Freight Train Schedules Faster, Research Improves Cars, Shipments Protected, Larger Car Loads, Rail Service to Customer's Door

By S. T. Bledsoe

Radium—Nature's Oddest Child

Strange Experiments . . . Only One Chemist Survived . . . A Little Mistake that Cost $35,000, an Explosion, and a Sneeze that Cost $13,500

By John A. Maloney

Pyramid Temple

The Most Spectacular Discovery of Archeological Specimens in Original Position Ever Made in the New World . . . The Jaguar Throne of Chichen Itzá

The Endocrine Brain

Hormones from the Ductless Glands, Problem of the Pituitary, Giants and Dwarfs, Thyroid Hormone for Stout People, Made a Rooster Broody

By Darwin Vexler

The Persistence Of Life

By T. Swann Harding

A. Russell Bond


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, August 1937

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    General Philip Kearny

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    The Big Telescope Disk--Preliminary Hand Work

  • Our Point Of View, August 1937

  • Cutting The Jonker, and More

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, August 1937

  • Too Warm, and More

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