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New Finds at Tepe Gawra

The Fame of Gawra Grows Steadily as Sixteen of its Superimposed Settlements are Excavated, All Progressively Richer and More Significant

By E. A. Speiser

Tailored Radio Waves

Concentrating Broadcasting Service Where it Will be Most Effective, Field Patterns Determined by Design of Antenna System

By Alexander Maxwell

The New Martian Puzzle

Mars' Current Apparition Reveals to Astronomers a Remarkable Phenomenon, Unprecedented Clearing in the Planet's Atmosphere, Signifying What?

By Henry Norris Russell

Finishing the All-American Canal

New Canal Replaces Old One that Goes Partly Through Mexico, Water for Two Rich Agricultural Valleys, A Monumental Undertaking

By R. G. Skerrett

Pre-Certified Lumber

By Mary Brandel Hopkins

Radium--Nature's Oddest Child

Fruitless Early Expectations of Vast Power from Radium Atoms, Namombo Startled the White Men, Canada's Notable Contribution to Healing

By Joha A. Maloney

Banking by Automobile

Health Aspects of Air Conditioning

Status of the Carrier

Aircraft Carriers a Permanent Element of Fleets, Most Navies Have Them, Evolution of Their Design, World Carriers Built and Building

By Walton L. Robinson

Monolithic Shell Roof

The Fallacy of Fighting Flies

We Call Our Age the Age of Science, but the Insects Know it is the Age of Insects, The Hope of Exterminating These Sportsmen's Pests is Futile

By S. F. Aaron


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, September 1937

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