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Introverts and Extraverts

Most of Us are One Type or the Other and When We Understand the Wide Differences in Outlook, Some Puzzles in Business and Social Life are Resolved

By Paul Popenoe

Mass Power

By Philip H. Smith

Peace-Time Preparedness

Every Resource Employed in Modern War, Industrial Mobilization Plan, The Part Played by Radio, Army-Amateur Radio System

By General J. G. Harbord

As Others Would See Us

Just as Mars, when Seen from the Earth, is Called the "Ruddy" Planet, so the Earth from Mars or Other Planets Would be Called the Azure Object

By Henry Norris Russell

Rivers In Exact Miniature

Radium--Nature's Oddest Child

Its Place in Medicine, Radium Water and Death, Behind Modern Atomic Physics Lay Radium, Its Uses in Geology, Radium in Bed of the Ocean

By John A. Maloney

For Floodless Stores

Bulkheads for Stores in Flood Districts, Prevent Damage to Valuahle Stock, Made of Aluminum, Swung on Trolleys, Quickly Placed

By R. T. Griebling

The Mystery of the Life Elements

Why Must Man Have Fifteen Chemical Elements, but Does not Utilize the Other Seventy-seven? Secrets that Nature has Thus Far Withheld from Us

By Barclay Moon Newman

A Stage on Wheels

A Purgation of Purgatives

Laxative Fallacies, Most Liberally Purged People on Earth, Autointoxication, Spastic Colon, Irrigation, Let Nature Set Her Normal Pace

By T. Swann Harding


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, October 1937

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    Books Selected by the Editors, October 1937

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    A Gyrating Headlight for Safety's Sake

  • Our Point of View, October 1937

  • Comfort to Kneeling Church-Goers, Building from the Roof Down and more

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