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Personalities in Industry, November 1937

By Frank Conrad

Science Turns to Shaving

New Shaving Facts, Razor and Blade Design Important, So Is Blade Angle, Teeth in Blade Unnecessary, Razor Steels, Lather Two Minutes or More, Shaving Technic Often Poor

By Elbridge J. Casselman

Ra-Mose and Hat-Nufer

By Ambrose Lansing and William C.

The Batteries Near Gibraltar

Coal-Coking by Electricity

New Electrical Process Makes Coke, Gas, and Tar, Cheaper, Simpler Retort, Can Operate on Off-Peak Power, Consumer, Utilities Profit

By H. Stevens

The Electrical Shotgun

Radiation Pressure

How the Sun and the Stars, Due to the Pressure of Their Light, Ultimately Clean Up the Smaller Particles in Their Own Immediate Neighborhoods

By Henry Norris Russell

Weather and Sunspots

Though the Skein is Tangled, Long-Range Weather Investigators are Working Toward a Knowledge of the Connection between the Weather and the Sun

By Harlan T. Stetson

Platinum in Overalls

Noble Metal Is Industrial Worker, So Are Its Five Relatives, Resistance to Corrosion and to Spark Erosion, Has Excellent Machinability

By A. J. Wadhams

Speed Awing

Traditional Speeds of Birds are Often Greatly Exaggerated, Determining Flight Speeds with a Stop-watch, The Plover Makes a Falcon Look Silly

By S. F. Aaron


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