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Automatic Landing for Airplanes

Air Transportation, December 1937

Transcontinental Flying Time Cut by More Than 50 Percent, Research and Experience Have Vastly Increased Safety and Comfort, Things to Come

By Bob Johnson

As the Camera Sees It

Ra-Mose and Hat-Nufer

Woman's Rights in Ancient Egypt, Hat-Nufer's Mummy Glittered with Rings and Scarabs but Her Husband, at Time of Burial, Was Out of Funds

By Ambrose Lansing and William C. Hayes

The Rotation of Our Galaxy

New Research Based on Planetary Nebulae Provides the Most Striking Evidence and the Best Picture of Galactic Rotation Thus Far Made Available

By Henry Norris Russell

Railroad Rails by the Mile

They Shall Not Pass

Preventive Medicine, Man's Battle with the Germs of Disease Toxins and Anti-toxins, Vaccines, Inoculations Disease Is An Insult to Science

By G. H. Estabrooks

On Your 1938 Car

The New Heavy Nitrogen

Science is Enthused about Some of the Significant Problems which Urey's Achievement Promises to Unravel, Opportunities that Surpass its Dreams

By Barclay Moon Newman

New Tires for Old

Retreading and Re-Capping, Carcasses Must Be Sound, Four Out of Five, Of Greatest Value When Cars and Trucks Are in Constant Service

By Philip H. Smith


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