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An Industry on Stilts

Industrial City on Useless Tidal Marsh, Over 35,000 Piles Support 326,119 Tons, Difficult Construction Job in Mud, Unique Features

By Homer S. Burns

Dinosaur Trails of Purgatory

By John S. Macclary

The Paranoid Personality

Merely our Everyday Traits Exaggerated, At its Roots is the Unwillingness to Admit Inferiority, How to Avoid it, How it Grows, How to Deal with it

By Paul Popenoe

The Science of Alloy Building

Ours is the Alloy Age, Alloy Making Today is No Longer, As Once, a Shot in the Dark, New Rules in the Alloy Game, How We Ask the Atom

By Sidney J. French

Oil Heat Saves Fruit

A Clipper Ship is Built

By A. P. Peck

Pulsating Stars

When Stars Pulsate in Brightness, What Really Happens and Why? Such Changes Take Place on an Enormous Scale, A Star's Diameter May Rise and Fall by as Much as 40,000,000 Miles and at a Rate of 25 Miles a Second, New Data Increase Our Knowledge but We Still Have Much to Learn...

By Henry Norris Russell

Harmonious Hormones

Medicine's Newest, Shrewdest Weapon, Mystery of the Endocrines, Thanks to Recent Discoveries, The Promising Whale Proved to be a Disappointment

By Morris Fishbein

Protection for the Public

Do We Need New Food, Drug, and Cosmetic Laws? The Accompanying Article, Written at Our Request, Answers This Vital Question

By Senator Royal S. Copeland

Identification by the Teeth

No Two Mouths Are Precisely Alike, Teeth Have Individual Characteristics, Universal Recording System Needed, Charts and Technique Available

By Edward J. Ryan

First Prize

By Frank Fisher Jr.


  • 50 Years Ago in Scientific American, February 1938

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    Books Selected by the Editors, February 1938

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    Trend of Design in Aircraft Carriers

  • Our Point of View, February 1938

  • Portable Brinell Tester, No Lyin and more

  • Your Camera Lens, the Contest is Over and over

  • Telescoptics

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, February 1938

  • Still Fighting

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