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Personalities in Science, March 1938

By Linus Pauling

Streamlined Plants

Professional Plant Breeding, Benefits the Farmer, the Housewife, Many Others, Finer Fruits, More Beautiful Flowers, Tastier Vegetables

By Keith C. Barrons

Enzymes: Keys to Life and Death

At the Forefront of the Scientific Stage Today Are These Important Controlling Substances on Which Highly Significant Researches Are Being Conducted

By Barclay Moon Newman

Wood Grown to Order

By Mary Brandel Hopkins

New Astronomical Advances, March 1938

A Résumé of Some of the Researches Described at the Most Recent Semi-Annual Meeting of the 400 Astronomers of the North American Continent

By Henry Norris Russell

China and Modern Science

Though the Times Were Ripe in Ancient China's Civilization, Pure (Hence Practical) Science did Not Develop There Because China was too Practical!

By Rufus Suter

A Motor-Car Engine Takes Form

By A. P. Peck

Camera Engraving

Photo-Engraving Conquering a New, Difficult Field, Makes Printing Rolls for Textiles, Wall Paper, Certain Advantages over Older Methods

By Philip H. Smith

Aircraft have Influenced Warship Design

The Science of Alloy Building, March 1938

Why Metals Can be Worked, Why Graphite is a Lubricant, Why Some Metals are Brittle and Why Diamonds are Hard, Why Carbon Hardens Steel

By Sidney J. French

Electricity Paints a Picture

And the Picture Tells a Significant Story to Research Workers in Many Fields, Cathode Ray Tube Development Has Made this Possible

By Allen B. Dumont


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