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An Unprecedentedly Large Piece of Fine Mechanism

The Skeleton Talks

Bones of Skeleton Give Amazing Data; Tell Age, Race, Sex, Stature, and so on; Study Is Important in Anthropology, Archeology, and Criminology

By Wilton Marion Krogman

The Japanese Navy at a Glance

The 200-inch Telescope

A Progress Report, Two Years to Go, The Big Moving Mechanism Weighing a Million Pounds Has the Precision Characteristics of a Fine Watch

By C. S. McDowell

Helium—Hope of the Airship

Commercial Quantities Produced Only In United States . . . Safer, More Economical Lifting Gas than Hydrogen . . . Stringent Sales Regulations

By Paul H. Wilkinson

Diffuse Nebulae

The New Struve Wide-Slit Spectrograph Permits the Observation of the Faint Galactic Nebulae

By Henry Norris Russell

Scales of Industry

Do More Than Weigh . . . Manufacturing Processes Automatically Controlled . . . Quantity and Quality Checked . . . Saving Time, Material, and Labor Costs

By Roger William Riis

Properties of Matter Under High Pressure

Unfamiliar Effects Produced by Pressures Up to More than Half a Million Pounds per Square Inch. Ice that Melts Only at 376 Degrees, Fahrenheit

By P. W. Bridgman


  • 50 Years Ago, August 1938

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, August 1938

  • Recommended

    Books Selected by the Editor, August 1938

  • Departments

    Largest Quartz Crystal, Flame Tailoring, and more

  • Camera Angles, August 1938

  • Camera Angles Round Table, August 1938

  • Telescoptics, August 1938

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, August 1938

  • Legal High-Lights, August 1938

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