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Man-Made Cataracts for Fish Hurdlers

Death from the Sky?

Regrettable Violations of Rules of Warfare, Bombing to Shatter Morale of Civilians, Inaccuracy Makes the Airplane Bomb a More Fearful Weapon of Offense

By Arthur E. Oxley

The X-Particle's New Brother

Still Another Atomic Entity Threatens to Add Itself to the Physicist's "Who's Who In Atomic Society," Is It Real or Is It a False Alarm?

By Douglas W. F. Mayer

Man-Made Diamonds

Making Diamonds Synthetically, Difficulties, 90 Tons per Square Inch, 7000 Degrees Fahrenheit, The Experiments Give Every Appearance of Success

Alpha Ursae Majoris

Recent Research on the Binary Star at the Lip of the Great Dipper Reveals the Orbits of Its Components and Rounds Out Our Understanding of It

By Henry Norris Russell

Fish Over a Dam

Bonneville Dam, Many Novel Features, Generates Power, Extends Inland Waterways, Greatest Fishways, Fish Can Go Upstream or Down

By R. G. Skerrett

Electrical Rhythms Of the Human Brain

From What Abysm of the Human Brain Come These Electrical Pulses, Our Brain Waves? Puzzled but Deeply Intrigued, Science Seeks Their Meaning

By Barclay Moon Newman

The Quest of Helen

At the Classical Site of Troy the Final Work of Archeological Excavation Has Now Been Completed, Nine Superimposed Cities Revealed in New Detail

By Jotham Johnson

Floods Give Fair Warning

Lives and Property Can Be Saved if the Warning is Heeded, Flood Patrol Co-operates With Amateur Radio, The Gulf Stream of the Air

By Alexander Maxwell


  • 50 Years Ago, October 1938

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, October 1938

  • Recommended

    Books Reviews, November 1939

  • Departments

    Instrument Measures Musical Frequencies, Bonnet Protects Giant Bearing, and more

  • A Record of Growth

  • Camera Angles Round Table, November 1939

  • Telescoptics, November 1939

  • Legal High-Lights

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