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Sparks, Steam, Splinters

To Stop Desert Encroachment

Water Table Pumped Lower and Lower, the Desert is Creeping into Rich Central Valley; Two Great Dams, Long Canals, Will Supply Needed Water

By Phil Dickinson

A Legacy for 6939 A. D.

Buried Metal Capsule Contains Sample of Our Civilization, Some of Our Products, Millions of Words in Print, For Future Archeologists

By David S. Youngholm

The Italian Navy at a Glance

Electrical Rhythms of the Human Brain

What Causes Our Brain Waves and What Do They Signify? Hypotheses, Have They Something to Do With Vision?, A Beginning Has Been Made

By Barclay Moon Newman

The Big Concretions of Ohio

Odd Rock Curiosities that Intrigue Collectors, Formed in the Rock Where They are Found, A Peculiar Chemical Reaction is Their Origin

By Arthur David

Artificial Eclipses

At Their Triennial Meeting the World's Astronomers Witnessed the Amazing New Technique of Observing Solar Prominences and Corona Without an Eclipse

By Henry Norris Russell

Machines Pick Cotton, But—

Mechanical Cotton Pickers Coming, to Solve Planter's Biggest Problem, Complex Factors, Adoption Very Slow, No "Economic Revolution"

By F. D. Mchugh

Cosmic Radiation

Science Still Remains Uncertain What the Cosmic Rays Arc, Where They Come from, How They Were Formed and When

By P. M. S. Blackett


  • 50 Years Ago, November 1938

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, November 1938

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    Book Reviews, November 1938

  • Departments

    Booth Air, Torpedo Turns Around, and more

  • Camera Angles, November 1938

  • Camera Angles Round Table, November 1938

  • Telescoptics, November 1938

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, November 1938

  • Legal High-Lights, November 1938

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