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Two Bullets from the Same Gun?

Plants by Liquid Culture

Fascinating Science for Amateur or Commercial Grower, Practical Details, Formulas, Specific Instructions, Suggestions, Window-sill Culture

By C. F. Greeves-Carpenter

Radium Hounds

Devices that Bay on the Trail of Lost Particles of a Dangerous Element, When a Pig Ate Radium, An Elephant Easier to Hide Than Stolen Radium

By Robert B. Taft

The Conquest of the Dead Sea

Palestine's Biblical Lake, Containing Sufficient Potash and Other Chemicals to Supply the World for 2000 Years, is Now Being Actively Exploited

By Harold C. Shepstone

More than One Man's Fun

The Image-Slicer

A New Apparatus Used with the Spectroscope Cuts Star-Images into Sections, Rearranges these End to End, and Multiplies the Efficiency Very Greatly

By Henry Norris Russell

Everything Flows

Industry is Finding Many Practical Applications of Science's Studies of the Flow Phenomena of Apparently Solid Matter as Well as of the Liquids

By R. N. Traxler

Mineral Waste Reduced

Conservation Progress, Agriculture, Industry Benefit, Miners Profit by Former Wastes, Greater National Security in Strategic Minerals

By Paul M. Tyler

Tales the Bullet Tells

FBI Experts Co-operate with Local Officers, Apply Laboratory Science to Study of Evidence, Give Full Reports, Attend Local Trials

By J. Edgar Hoover

Steel in the Theme

New York World's Fair Theme Center, Perisphere and Trylon, Design and Construction Presented Unusual Engineering Problems, Unique Structures

A Billion Gallons a Day

By Andrew R. Boone


  • 50 Years Ago, January 1939

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, January 1939

  • Recommended

    Books Selected by the Editors, January 1939

  • Departments

    Danger in Low Voltage Electric Shock, Microscope Lens : Planachromat, and more

  • Camera Angles, January 1939

  • Camera Angles Round Table, January 1939

  • Telescoptics, January 1939

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, January 1939

  • Legal High-Lights

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