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Accurate Machinery for Better Tires


When Investigated by Scientists, the Oriental and South Sea Island Feat of Walking Barefoot on Fire or Red-hot Stones Gives up its Mysterious Secrets

By Albert G. Ingalls

An Electrical Voice

Speech Created, Skilled Operation Requires Long Training Period, Result of Research

Boring through a Rainstorm

San Jacinto Tunnel, Part of Colorado River Aqueduct System, Presented Engineering Difficulties, Rock and Water, Pioneer Tunnels Driven Ahead

By Lynn Davis Smith

As Astronomers Meet

Among Themselves Astronomers Specialize On a Wide Variety of Problems, and Then Meet Twice Yearly to Tell Each Other About Their Researches

By Henry Norris Russell

Pollution Kills Fish

Industrial Wastes, Sewage, Mine Waters Pollute Rivers, Harbors, Fin Fish, Shellfish Seriously Affected, Research Needed To Correct Evil

By L.M. Fisher

Rubber Saves Trees

Visualizing Hyperspace

An Attempt to Peer Into the Fourth Dimension of Space by Constructing a Three-Dimensional Model or Analogy to be Used as a Taking-off Point

By Ralph Mine Farley

How Much Snow?

New Science of Snow Surveying, Quantity of Snow in the Mountains Determines Later Run-off Below, Knowledge is Vital for Power Plants, Irrigation

By Blaine Stubblefieid and Myron M. Stearns

Now Helium Saves Lives

A Mixture of Helium with Oxygen is Beginning to Be Used by Physicians to Tide Respiratory Cripple Cases, Such as Chronic Asthmatics, Over Their Crises

By Norman Goldsmith


By J. Kostrewski

Factory Magic

Ingenious Factory Process Solves Old Problem, Lower Cost, Transformer is Significant

Rubber to Cotton to Tires

Rubber Thoroughly Cleaned, Ingredients Mixed, Cotton Cords Individually Coated With Rubber, Wire Beads, Treads Extruded in Slabs

By A. P. Peck

Scientific American Photography Contest


  • 50 Years Ago, March 1939

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, March 1939

  • Departments

    Personalities in Science, March 1939

  • Invisible Glass, Welded Metal Sculpture, and more

  • Camera Angles, March 1939

  • What's New in Photographic Equipment, March 1939

  • Camera Angles Round Table, March 1939

  • Telescoptics, March 1939

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, March 1939

  • Legal High-Lights, March 1939

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