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World's Safest Ships

Sea Disasters Too Frequent in Recent Years, American Ship Lines Attack the Problem, New Ships Will Have Vastly Improved Safety Features

By John P. Lee

Vitamins From Our Own Fish

A Local Druggist in a Minnesota Village Finds that there is Opportunity Outside the Crowded Cities and Develops an Industry Where He Lives

By E.J. Fortier

The Stubborn Elements

Some Chemical Elements Thrust Themselves Upon Us, Many were Found Chemically, but the Last Few Have Required Delicate Physical Methods of Search

By Charles W. Sheppard

The Motorist Gets his Oil

Oil, Gasoline Distribution Relies on Science for Aid . . . Problem has inspired Unique Developments . . . Pipe Line, Huge Tank Ship, Trucks

The Hysteroid Personality

While the Paranoid Type Aggressively Hews to the Line and Faces Facts, the Hysteroid Personality Seeks to Evade Difficulties by Sidestepping Reality

By Paul Popenoe

Quicker than the Eye

Demand for Better Steel Has Made Necessary More Careful Control of Processes, Photo-Electric Cell Measures Temperatures Accurately

By Robert B. Sosman


Are Scientific American Readers Interested in Mathematical Problems? To Settle this Debated Question The Editors Offer These as a Test

By Leonard Kaplan

Pearls Through Artifice

Man's Two Principal Methods of Simulating Nature's Gem, Misconceptions About Biologically Synthesized Pearl, New Research Uncovers Facts

By A. E. Alexander

Insects Cannot Win

Civilization's Unnatural Balance Cause of Apparent Victory, Most Insects Are No More Numerous, Only More Notorious, Many New Insecticides

By Lee A. Strong

Here Comes Television!

Will Serve Entertainment Needs, Technical Equipment Has Limitations, Standards Laid Down to Prevent Obsolescence of Receivers

By O. B. Hanson

Berenice's Hair

Recent Research Proves That This Nearby Cluster of Stars Is No Mere Accidental Conglomeration of Unrelated Bodies but Is an Interrelated System

By Henry Norris Russell


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