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A Lost World Refound

On a High Plateau Far in the Sahara's Isolation, Archeologists Have Discovered Evidence of Early Man's Culture. A Land Formerly Wet and Fertile

By Major R. A. Bagnold

River Rebuilt to Curb Floods

Engineers are Protecting Los Angeles and Surrounding Area, Flood Control and Water Conservation Dual Aim

By Andrew R. Boone

Termites of the Sea

Worm-Like Mollusk, Honeycombs Piling, Timbers, Biologist Studies It In Barn Laboratory, Records Its Depredations, Advises on Protection

By J. D. Ratcliff

Hunting the Mesotron

This Recent Addition to the Fast-Growing Family of Sub-Atomic Particles has Already Created a Place for Itself in Physical Theory and Experiment

By Charles W. Sheppard

Could We Defend Our Ports?

An Imaginary Attack on a Mythical Port Shows Sort of Action That Would Take Place

Eclipsing Binaries

A Striking Example of the Extent to Which the Astronomer, Armed with but a Few Observational Data, Can Sometimes Go in Unraveling Puzzles

By Henry Norris Russell

Airmail for Small Towns

Pick-Up and Delivery Without Landing, Made Possible by New System, Can Bring Fast Mail Service to the Most Remote Areas

By Alexander Klemin

Cancer's Mysterious Puzzle

Though Science Still is Baffled by the Problem of Cancer's Cause and Cure, Research Continues, Most Alluring Leads of the More Recent Years

By Barclay Moon Newman

Man — Mechanical Misfit

In the Long Course of Organic Evolution Diverse Experiments Have Been Tried, Some Successfully and Some Not, Is Man Destined to Failure?

By G. H. Estabrooks

Automaton Salesmen

Introductions are in Order, Bird Season Shotguns and more


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