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Pure Science Teams With Industry

Silent Enemies

Until Sanitation Becomes Universal, Man Will Harbor Internal Parasites and Suffer From Them

By Benjamin Adelman

Open House

New Engineering in the Navy

High-Pressure, High-Temperature Steam for Warships, More Reliable Machinery, Greater Speed, Economical, Equipment for Our New Warships

By Charles Edison

A Famous Theory Weakens

The Encounter Theory of the Origin of Planets Has Now Become Shaky and May Pass into the Limbo Where the Old Nebular Hypothesis Went

By Henry Norris Russell

Debutante Metal--Beryllium

Large Supplies, Makes Extremely Hard Alloys of Copper, Other Metals, Low Percentage is Needed Research Finding New Alloys, New Uses

By Philip H. Smith

Why Pure Science Pays

Time After Time Scientists Interested in Finding New Facts Purely for Their Own Sake - Intellectual Curiosity--Have Handed Fortunes to Industry

By A. Cressy Morrison

Soundless Sound Waves

The Odd Realm of Supersonics-Inaudible, Versatile Vibrations-is Receiving Increasing Attention From Scientists

By Walter L. Finlay

Restoring Rome's Colosseum

Recent Excavations Beneath the Ancient Arena Reveal Elevator Shafts for Raising Wild Beasts to the Combat Level by Means of Counterweights

By H. T. Rutledge

Glass Takes On Color

New Fields Opened for Plate Glass, Decorative Mirrors, Sand-Blasted Designs, Panels Lighted at Edges, Careful Experimentation

By Earl Aiken

An Engineered Lily Pad

Mystery of the Magnetic Mine

By C. E. Milbury


  • 50 Years Ago, March 1940

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, March 1940

  • Recommended

    Our Book Corner, March 1940

  • Departments

    Personalities in Science, March 1940

  • Screen Made by Electroplating, The Eskimo Goes Modern, and more

  • Camera Angles, March 1940

  • Telescoptics, March 1940

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, March 1940

  • Legal High-Lights, March 1940

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