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The World's Most Powerful X-Ray Apparatus

America's Winged Weapons

World's Finest Warplanes, Built to High Standards and of Superior Material, What the Various Types are Designed to Accomplish

By James L. H. Peck

Crew of Ten Handles a London Barrage Balloon

The Chemical Giant

Corrosive Sulfuric Acid, Indispensable in Peace and War, Used in Most Industries, Annual Production Runs into Millions of Tons

By William H. Waggaman

Insect Quarantine

Pacific Plane Service Provides Passage for Insect Pests, Hawaiian Farms Threatened, Midway and Canton Islands Have Pest Control Stations

Sandia Man

Artifacts Found in Basal Layers of a Cave in New Mexico Give Evidence of Earliest Known Man in America, But Just Who Was That Man?

By Frank C. Hibben

Is Atomic Energy Nearer?

Physicists Talk Down Some Fabulous Claims, But New Findings May Alter the Picture, Prediction Probably Unsafe, Immediate Development Unlikely

By Roy H. Copperud

Bleak Black Ball of Rock

After Ten Years the Planet Pluto's Mass Has Been Determined, Denser, Darker, More Massive than Was Expected, Laborious Computations

By Henry Norris Russell

Seeing With Electricity

New Electron Microscopes Now Being Developed Far.

By Jean Harrington

Coal and Kilowatts, Carboloy Extrusion Process, and more

By F. D. McHugh and Alexander Klemin

Making the Most of Your Vacation Shots, Prepared Solutions Vs Mixing Your Own, and more

By Jacob Deschin


  • 50 Years Ago, July 1940

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, July 1940

  • Browsing with the Editor, July 1940

  • Recommended

    Our Book Corner, July 1940

  • Departments

    Personalities in Industry, July 1940

  • Industrial Trends, July 1940

  • Telescoptics, July 1940

  • Camera Angles, July 1940

  • Your Firearms and Fishing Tackle, July 1940

  • Legal High-Lights, July 1940

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