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Relief Maps from Aerial Photographs

Rubber for America

Chemical Factories at Home, Plantations in Brazil

By William B. Landis

Dry-Cleaning Grows Up

Chemistry Stimulates Growth of the Business Into a Great Nation-Wide Industry

Banana Fiber, Temperature Pills, and more

Hemp Substitute From Skins of the Fruit

What are Pattee's Caves?

Are They the Remains of a Medieval Irish Monastery in New Hampshire, as is Claimed?

By Hugh O'Neill Hencken

Blind Landing

Exhaustive Tests Show Effectiveness of System Being Installed at Six Airports

By Alexander Klemin

Autogiro, Safety

Plastic Metals

New Knowledge Provides Science with Better Answers about Metals' Inner Nature

By Sidney J. French

Less Friction, "Oiling" Oil, and more

Barium Film Lubricates Bearing In A Vacuum

The Origin of the Earth

Astrophysicists Still Are Unable to Solve This Near-at-Home Problem with Finality

By Henry Norris Russell

Dumps a Car a Minute

Engineers Construct World's Greatest Scientific and Speedy Coal Car Dumper

By L. T. Henderson

Nitrided Stainless, Cantonments, and more

Life's Debt to Death

Nature's Attempts to Circumvent Death in Her Species May Suggest Conscious Purpose

By Edwin R. Bogusch

The Auto Show Moves In

Mechanics of Handling the Cars and Other Displays in the Ballrooms of a Huge Hotel

By H. T. Rutledge

Battery, Long-Lived Fungus, and more


  • 50 Years Ago, November 1940

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, November 1940

  • Browsing with the Editor, November 1940

  • Recommended

    Our Book Corner, November 1940

  • Departments

    Personalities in Industry, November 1940

  • Industrial Trends, November 1940

  • Camera Angles, November 1940

  • Your Firearms and Fishing Tackle, November 1940

  • Telescoptics, November 1940

  • Legal High-Lights, November 1940

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, November 1940

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