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Eight Streams of Metal Stings

Airpower for Defense

Strategic Requirements of Aircraft in All Services

By James L. H. Peck

Rubber Die, Dive-Bomber

Pad Used With Single Foxing Die

Government-Made Addicts

The Federal Alcohol Administration Still Follows an Ancient Tradition -- Blindly

By Yandell Henderson

Radio Knives, Nervous, and more

War Casualties May Benefit

What is on Venus?

Newest Evidence Hints Venus is Clothed In Dense Clouds of Polyoxymethelene Hydrates

By Henry Norris Russell

Protecting Gasoline Tanks

Principles and Practice In Development of Bullet-Proof Tanks for Airplanes

By Alexander Klemin

Hydraulic Testing, Air Trailers, and more

Destruction of Airplane Parts Reveals Defects

Lightless Light

Black Light--Unseen Rays--Causes Many Materials to Glow, Has Practical Uses

By Philip H. Smith

Carbolic from Gases

World's Largest Synthetic Phenol Plant Is Operated By Only Six Men

Natural Gas Storage, Powder Screen, and more

Changed To Liquid, Stored in Smaller Tanks

Four Centuries Late

Science and Society Begins to Recognize a Great Inventor, Engineer, and Scientist

By Albert G. Ingalls

Saving Snow, Wood Briquettes, and more

Plowed into Rows, It Prevents Later Drifting


  • 50 Years Ago, December 1940

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, December 1940

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    Our Book Corner, December 1940

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    Personalities in Industry, December 1940

  • Browsing with the Editor, December 1940

  • Industrial Trends, December 1940

  • Camera Angles, December 1940

  • Your Firearms and Fishing Tackle, December 1940

  • Telescoptics, December 1940

  • Legal High Lights, December 1940

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, December 1940

  • Index to Volume 163, July - December, 1940

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