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Splitting Hairs in Aircraft Engine Production

India's Wolf-Children

Two Human Infants Reared by Wolves

By Robert M. Zingg

X-Rays Show the Way

New Equipment for Peace and War. For Use By Industry and by Medical Science

By A. P. Peck

Radio Changes its Tune

How Industry Produces Crystals that Hold Broadcasting Stations on their Frequencies

By H. T. Rutledge

Brake Linings,Tube Maker, and more

Synthetic -- of Rubber and Small Wires

The Railroads are Ready

American Railroads Are Now Equipped to Meet National Defense or War Emergencies

By Holcombe Parkes

The Jeep, Two Navies, and more

Versatile Tractor For Army Use

Wah--Late of Thebes, Egypt

When Used on a 4000-year-old Mummy the X-rays Unexpectedly Reveal a Human Story

By H. E. Winlock

American Prehistory

Summary of Major Factors in Early Peopling of the Continent

Magnetism Comes of Age

Today Science Knows that the Ultimate Key to Magnetism is the Spinning Electron

By Jean Harrington

Sound, Nature Leads, and more

By a New Method The Speed of Sound Has Been Redetermined

A New Tool for Science

A Noteworthy New Atlas Shows Astronomers What the Solar Spectrum is Really Like

By Henry Norris Russell

Research, Plastic Tabs, and more

Projects Indicate Progress

Conveyor System for Planes

Assembly Line Principle Successfully Applied in Airplane Manufacturing Plant

By Alexander Klemin


As the Enemy of Domesticated Plants These Lower Plants Cost us 3000 a Minute

By Charles M. Hackett

Cotton Seeds, Alcohol, and more

De-Linting Process is Money Saver


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    Our Point of View, March 1941

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    Our Book Corner, March 1941

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  • Industrial Trends, March 1941

  • Camera Angles, March 1941

  • Your Firearms and Fishing Tackle, March 1941

  • Telescoptics, March 1941

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, March 1941

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