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When Lightning Hits a Motor Car

Keep Our Transport Planes

Scheduled Airlines are Essential to National Defense

By A. D. Rathbone IV

Will Bacteria be Used in War?

Insurmountable Difficulties Stand in the Way of Employing Disease-Causing Organisms

By J. J. Kershaw

Medium Tank, Bombproof, and more

Weighs 28 Tons; Speed 25 Miles Per Hour; Concrete Roof on Aircraft Plant; Glaring Lights May Be Effective Protection

When Bores Must be Hardened

Electro-Magnetic Induction Process Provides a Means of Improving Wearing Surfaces

By A. P. Peck

New Tin from Old Cans

Can the Tin from Our Used Tin Cans Be Salvaged--Profitably?

By Albert G. Ingalls

Better Tobacco, Canada Far Ahead, and more

The Healing Poison

Snake Venom Stops Bleeding and May Win a Place as a Deadener of Pain

By A. H. Alexander

Salt Loss, New Drug, and more

Leading Medical Journal Favors Its Replacement

A Puzzle Solved?

A New and Promising Interpretation of the Old Problem of the Solar Corona

By Henry Norris Russell

'Sky-Hooks' in Bridge Building

Temporary Cables Slung from Towers Help Build Fixed-Arch Span Across Niagara

By Herbert H. Foster

Ancient Engineers, Tunnel Trucks, and more

Our Search for the Supernatural—V

Independent Writing "Phenomenon" is Produced Through Natural Means

Bats on the Beam

Nature's "Built-in" Equipment Controls Blind Flying by Supersonic Broadcasting

By Louise Boyden

Your Breath, Electronic Camera, and more

A Little Discovery That May Turn Out Bigger; Studies Thin Films of Crystals. Supplements X-Ray Studies; Counting Meteors in Cloudy Weather and Daytime

If You Value Your Eyes

Eye Protective Glasses Must be Correctly Designed for the Job They Have to Accomplish

By Edgar D. Tillyer

Teledeltos, Cool, and more

All-Glass Tape, File, and more

Air Fighters

Characteristics Desirable in the Military Type that Keeps Bombers Away

By Alexander Klemin

Flaps, Flying Boat, and more

Air Brakes for Dive Bombers; Most Powerful Patrol Bomber; An Important Factor in National Defense; New Process Speeds-up Production


  • 50 Years Ago, August 1941

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, August 1941

  • Recommended

    Our Book Corner, August 1941

  • Departments

    Industrial Trends, August 1941

  • Camera Angles, August 1941

  • Your Firearms and Fishing Tackle, August 1941

  • Telescoptics, August 1941

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, August 1941

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