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Portable Atom Sorter to Aid Science and Industry

How Good Are America's Warplanes?

Analysis Shows Superiority in Factors That Count

By James L. H. Peck

Hall Tractor, Hall Truck

High Speed, Maneuverability, Armor Plate Protection in New Army Reconnaissance Car

Infra-Red Does the Trick

Radiant Energy From an Efficient Source is Doing Industrial Jobs Faster and Better

By A. P. Peck

For Checking Water Purity

Electrical Equipment Gives Constant Check, Sounds Warning or Automatically Adjusts

By Nathan Schnoll

Vanishing Oil, Salvage, and more

Designed for Lubricating High-Temperature Bearings

The Sun's Faint Edge

How Three Dutch Astronomers Verified a Theory of the Sun with Simple Apparatus

By Henry Norris Russell

Telltale Tracks

Human Footprints in Hardened Rock in Central America Reveal a Dramatic Flight

The Silver Clamp

Experiments in Progress Give Some Promise of a Remedy for High Blood Pressure Ills

By Barcaly Moon Newman

Forestallment, Sight, and more

Epileptic Fits Deliberately Produced Electrically

Our Search for the Supernatural-VI

With The Aid Of Psychic Powers A Table Is Tilted. A Pendulum Clock Is Stopped

By A. D. Rathbone

Across Panama by Rood

Concrete Surface and Bridges Sufficiently Strong to Carry Safely a 55-Ton Tank

Safe at Work

Record of Employees In Petoleum Industry

Plain Water's Unplainness

Recent Research Reveals Some Odd New Facts About Common, Ordinary Simple Water

By Walter L. Finlay

A False Paradise for Pests

Intensive Investigation of Control Methods for Man's Multitudinous Living Enemies

By Charles M. Hackett

Flying Suits, Man Slumped, and more

Wired for Comfort at All Temperatures

Inserted Blades, Efficiency, and more

Standard Tools Speed Production

Washington Notional Airport

Designing Engineers Have Created the World's Finest Port for Air Transport Lines

By Alexander Klemin

Flight Training, Baltimore Bomber, and more

Man-Made Gale For Gliding


  • 50 Years Ago, September 1941

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, September 1941

  • Recommended

    Our Book Corner, September 1941

  • Departments

    Personalities in Science, September 1941

  • Industrial Trends, September 1941

  • Camera Angles, September 1941

  • Your Firearms And Fishing Tackle, September 1941

  • Telescoptics, September 1941

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, September 1941

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