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Mechanized Power on the March

Bounce! -- Bump! -- Clank!

How It Feels to Ride in an Army Tank

By A. D. Rathbone IV

Tank Headache

On they Roll

Ball and Roller Bearings Have a Number of Properties of Importance to Industry

By P. F. Korycinski

Stored Energy for Welding

High Current Flow for Short Time Period Particularly Adapted to Difficult Jobs

By C. E. Smith

Back to Bessemer, Communication, and more


In Recent Research Medical Science is Hot on the Trail of the Causes of this Ill

By Barclay Moon Newman

Prostate, Ridiculous, and more

Whence Came Oil?

Most Geologists Now Hold that Petroleum Was Derived from Plants and Animals

By Randall Wright

Petrosnooping, Becoming Commonplace, and more

Star Stuff

Finding Out With the Spectroscope What the Sun and the Other Stars are Made of

By Henry Norris Russell

Curbing the Connecticut

Control Measures Linked with Power Development, Water Conservation, and Recreation

Insulate to Aid Defense

Home Insulation, for New or Old Houses, Will Save Fuel, Keep Uniform Temperature

By Harland Manchester

Less Eyestrain, Touch-Up, and more

Clamp, Paint, and more

Ocean Air Transport

Painstaking Planning is Behind Our Transatlantic Service: A Glimpse of the Future

By Alexander Klemin

Soaring, Trainer, and more


  • 50 Years Ago, October 1941

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, October 1941

  • Recommended

    Our Book Corner, October 1941

  • Departments

    Industrial Trends, October 1941

  • Camera Angles, October 1941

  • Your Firearms and Fishing Tackle, October 1941

  • Telescoptics, October 1941

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, October 1941

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