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"Guns" of Industry Point Skyward

Gasoline Miracles

Higher Octane Aviation Fuels, But Not for Hitler

By Sidney J. French

Pyrheliometer, Element 61, and more

New Instrument Measures Heat of Sun's Rays

Testing With 'Lightning Bolts'

Mighty Generators Provide Two Million Kilowatts To Prove Efficiency of Power-Line Guardians

By A. P. Peck

Recap to Keep em Rolling

Old Tires and Retreading Play Important Roles in America's Wartime Transportation Picture

By Julian J. Wilson

Reclaimed, Wire Salvage, and more

Metals From Mill Chips and Scale

'Water, Water, Everywhere'

Multiple-Purpose Central Valley Project in California Involves Huge Dams, Five Canals

By Andrew R. Boone

New Pleiades

Recent Investigations of Proper Motions Have Added Two Dozen More Stars to the Famous Cluster

By Henry Norris Russell

Shockless Surgery

Ice Anesthesia, Boon to Aged in Limb Operations and a Promise for War Wounded in the Field

By Barclay Moon Newman

Again Guilty?, Pronounciation, and more

Do Flies also Spread Infantile Paralysis?


Mechanics of the "Tin Fish" That is Writing a Terrifying Record of World-Wide Destruction

By Donald Wilhelm

Success, All-Metal Yacht, and more

Workman's Suggestions Speed Production

Glass Guns for Victory

Soil Testing in Gardens and on Farms Can Aid in Keeping Food Producing Machinery in Order

By Arthur H. Carhart

Bread Protection, Microscope, and more

By Addition of Mold-Inhibiting Agent

Demagnetizer, Induction Hardening, and more

For Equipment Used In Production

The Thunderbolt

Although Complete Specifications for New Interceptor Cannot be Told, It Promises to be Most Effective

By Alexander Klemin

Plywood, Civil Air Patrol, and more

Utilized As Float, Conserves Aluminum


  • 50 Years Ago, April 1942

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    Our Point of View, April 1942

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    Industrial Trends, April 1942

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  • Current Bulletin Briefs, April 1942

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