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Horsepower is War Power

How American Industry is Powering Our Military Machine

By Charles F. Kettering

Tin Plating, Control, and more

Thinner, More Economical By New Process

Synthetic Elastomers

How Molecules are Manipulated to Make New Rubber-like Materials in Unlimited Variety

By Sidney J. French

Best Wavelength

For Short-Wave Communication Can Now be Predicted

A Pier in Time—

Psychology Joins With Engineering Skill to Produce a Hospital Pier in Record Time of 43 Days

By A. D. Rathbone

RW Tauri

A Remarkable Eclipsing Variable Star with a Gaseous Ring Whirling About One Component

By Henry Norris Russell

A Maya Temple Grows Up

Archeologists in Guatemala Reveal the Evidences of a Five-Times-Reconstructed Temple

By Linton Satterthwaite

Food for Fighters

New Dehydration Process Uses Steam Baths and Heat Treatments to Reduce Vegetable Weight and Bulk

By Andrew R. Boone

Hallucination, Poison Ivy, and more

You Can Be Trained To Hear Things

When Lightning Strikes

Applied Research Has Reduced Greatly the Damage Done by Natural Lightning, Yet Much Study is Still Ahead

By Gilbert D. McCann

Blackoutology, Wood Farming, and more

Why Red Light is Better than Blue

Raiders, Icing

Our Navy Comments on Fighting Planes

Cargo Planes of the Future

Special Equipment Will be Needed for this Branch of Air Transportation When it Starts its Growth

By Alexander Klemin

Toggle Clamp, Rivet, and more

Exerts Pressure of 500 Pounds


  • 50 Years Ago, July 1942

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, July 1942

  • Recommended

    Our Book Corner, July 1942

  • Departments

    Industrial Trends, July 1942

  • Personalities in Science, July 1942

  • Camera Angles, July 1942

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, July 1942

  • Telescoptics, July 1942

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