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Naval Indispensables

Cruisers Can Perform a Wide Range of Missions

By Walton L. Robinson

Domestic Rubber Plantations

Scrap Rubber, Reclaimed, Can Go Far to Fill the Gap in Military and in Some Civilian Needs

By A. P. Peck

New Steel, Polishing Brush, and more

The Scanning Electron Microscope

High Magnifications of Opaque Objects With New Instrument Combining Developments in Many Fields

By Vladimir K. Zworykin

Metal Details, Heat, and more

Reproduced in Film for Electron Microscopy

The Nebular Spectrum

More Impressive Grows the Evidence for the Uniformity of Composition of Matter in Space

By Henry Norris Russell

Bomb Snatcher, Simple Pump

An Effective Tool for Handling Incendiary Bombs

Pumps For Home Protection

Simple Units for Use in Combatting Incendiary Bombs and Fires Can be Made from Available Material

By George H. Stahler

Air-Raid Shelters

Primary Consideration Should be Given to the Possibilities of Private Types of Shelters

By A. D. Rathbone

Buckets of Blood . . .

Your Blood Donation, an Absolutely Painless Procedure, May Help Save a Warrior's Life

By Howard C. Forst

Bleeders, Aniseikonia, and more

New Hope for Those Who Bleed Excessively

Little Pictures--Big Savings

Microfilm Has Joined the War Effort, Lending its Advantages to Civilian and Military Uses Alike

By Lucile N. McMahon

Glass Stoves, Tractor Lugs, and more

Loom as Possibilities as Result of Research

Time Saving, Plasticizer, and more

New Products and Processes That Reflect Applications of Research to Industrial Production

Aircraft Engines Get New Heads

Aluminum Forgings Replace Castings, Speeding Up Production and Releasing Needed Equipment

By Alexander Klemin

Air Advice, Air Transport, and more

Needed by the United States Army


  • 50 Years Ago In, September 1942

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, September 1942

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    Our Book Corner, September 1942

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    Industrial Trends, September 1942

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, September 1942

  • Camera Angles, September 1942

  • Telescoptics, September 1942

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