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How Naval Battles are Fought

The Strategy and Tactics of the War at Sea

Industrial Air Control

Compact Survey of Air Conditioning Shows Its Importance on the War Production Front

By Margaret Ingeis

Paper, Ship Cleaner, and more

For Many Wrapping Purposes, Is Stretchable

Highways to Strategic Materials

Completed Portions of Pan-American Highway Can Help the United Nations' War Effort

By Edwin W. James

Water and You

In Many Ways that Are Commonly Overlooked, Water is Involved in our Physiologic Processes

By Arthur L. Meyer

Ultra-Sonic, Piston Study

Focused Ultra-Sound Waves From Curved Crystals

A Dream Almost Attained

A New Success Seems to Bring Astrophysics Still Nearer to the Rounded Solution of a Major Problem

By Henry Norris Russell

Pseudo-Fossil Man

Not All Human Skulls that Look Primitive Are Those of Ancient Primitive Man, and Why

By Loren C. Eiseley

Simon Lake, Submarine Genius

The Early Struggles of the Man Who Laid the Foundation for the Science of Underwater Travel

By Harland Manchester

Tent, Telephone Alarm, and more

With Floor For Maximum Protection

Signal Liquid, Power Plants, and more

Hardens to a Surface That Melts Sharply

Most Powerful Dive-Bomber

New American Aircraft Excels in Every Respect Any Other Dive-Bomber Ever Built

By Alexander Klemin

Experts Abroad, Lumber, and more

Promote Co-Operation in United Nations' Aircraft Production


  • 50 Years Ago, March 1943

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, March 1943

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    Our Book Corner, March 1943

  • Departments

    Personalities in Science, March 1943

  • Industrial Trends, March 1943

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, March 1943

  • Telescoptics, March 1943

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