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"Smoke Eaters" of the Navy

How Selected Crews Are Trained to Fight Fires at Sea

By A. D. Rathbone IV

War Vehicles

Include More than Tanks and Transport Trucks

Anti-Sabotage Lighting

Guards for Industrial Plants, Power Stations, Dams, and so on, Need the Help of Planned Lighting

By J. A. Summers

Quenching Oil, Bonded, and more

Developed on Art of Ancient Damascus

Industrial Trends, April 1943

Buried Telephone Talk

Plowing the New Transcontinental Telephone Cable into the Ground with a Hundred-Ton Tractor-Train and Mole

By Temple C. Smith

In Flight, Troubles Begin

Innovations for the Aerial Navigator Must Be Practicable Under Actual Conditions in an Airplane

By Henry Norris Russell

Fossil Magnetism

Experimental Evidence Denies that the Earth's Magnetic Field Has Been Completely Reversed

By A. G. McNish

Using All But The Smell

Off-Size Citrus Fruits and Cannery Wastes Are the Basis of a By-Product Industry of Huge Proportions

By Hamilton M. Wright

Save Your Tires

Sealing Puncture Holes Protects the All-Important Fabric and Greatly Prolongs the Life of Tires

By A. L. Murray

Tuning Forks Govern Time

Radio Networks Provided With Split-Second Timing by Newly Developed System

Vacuum Seal, U. S. Rubber, and more

Paper and Adhesive Used in New Coffee Seal

No Oxygen Needed

Circular Pressurized Cabin is Feature of New Airliner Designed For High-Altitude Civil or Military Operation

By Alexander Klemin

Counter Rotating

Propeller Has Decided Aerodynamic Advantages

Copper Babbitt, Air Clamp, and more

Lead-Base Metal Replaces Tin-Base


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