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Long is the List

Coal, a Plentiful Raw Material, Fills Many Needs of War and Peace

By Jas. K. Hunt

Electrical Progress, Cold Conquest, and more

Engineers Work for Present, Plan for Future

A Hobby Goes to War

Scientific American's Amateur Telescope Makers Find Their Peacetime Optical Skills are a Wartime Asset

By Albert G. Ingalls

The Betatron

World's Most Powerful X-Ray Machine Holds Vast Possibilities for Medicine, Industry, Research

By A. R. Wildhagen

Color and Heat, T V Archeology

Nature's Cross-Word Puzzles

Typical Examples of a Kind of Indoor Sport Indulged in by a Few Astrophysical Fans: Simple Arithmetic

By Henry Norris Russell

Who Were Our Ancestors?

The Strange Tale of an Ancient Skull that Baffled a Committee of Experts Appointed to Investigate it

By Loren C. Eiseley

What About Vitamin Tablets?

What Can Science Say Today about the Desirability of Taking Supplementary Vitamins? Is it Good or Bad?

By T. Swann Harding

Ideal Weights, Menace

A Little Hunger May Improve the Nation's Health

Testing for Victory

Industrial Safety in All its Phases is the Direct Concern of a Unique Non-Profit Organization

By Alvah Small

Ants, Visual Purple, and more

New Mexico Ants Help Man Mine Garnets

Grinders, Sander, and more

In Portable Form, For High-Speed Production

When Engineers Meet

Aeronautical Experts Contract a Sort of Mental Indigestion that is Good for the Whole Country

By Alexander Klemin

Engine Production

Speeded by Assembly-Line Methods


  • 50 Years Ago, May 1943

  • From the Editor

    Our Point of View, May 1943

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    Our Book Corner, May 1943

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    Personalities in Science, May 1943

  • Industrial Trends, May 1943

  • Current Bulletin Briefs, May 1943

  • Telescoptics, May 1943

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