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Personalities in Science, July 1943

By Edward C. Schneider

Sky Sentries on Guard

Imporant U. S. Centers Are Protected by Barrage Balloons

By R. G. Picinich

War Prisoners

Study and Teach Science Behind Barbed-Wire

Sugar, A 'Chemically-Pure' Food

Highly Technical Industrial Processes, Plus Efficient Operation of Plants, Produce Beet Sugar at Low Cost

By Roy H. Cottrell

Die Production, Odor Problems, and more

By New Method Reduces Time and Labor Requirements

Ultra-Violet--Near, Middle, Far

Many Industrial and Personal Uses Are Being Made of the Phenomena Surrounding these Radiations

By Lawrence C. Porter

Electronics Mystery, Molecular Attraction

Solved, May Lead to Improved Vacuum Tubes

Anthropocentrism's Demise

New Discoveries Lead to the Probability that There Are Thousands of Inhabited Planets in our Galaxy

By Henry Norris Russell

Can Colds Be Prevented?

There is no Effective Method for the Prevention of the Common Cold--Not Vaccines, Not Vitamins

By Robert H. Feldt

Climacteric, Heart Watching, and more

Do Men Also Have Such a Period?

'Wers' Calling

Radio Amateurs and Other Volunteer Workers are Setting Up a Communications System for War or Peace

By Ulysses S. Grant

Electric Brain, Radio Sewing Machine, and more

Remembers What Happens in a Rectifying Circuit

Three-Liquid Pump, Commutator Cleaner, and more

Fuselage Sandblasting, Flight Training, and more

Used in Fabrication of Primary Training Plane

Helicopter Progress

Present Orders and Future Possibilities Point Toward a Fertile Field for Rotating Wing Aircraft

By Alexander Klemin


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