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Invasion Communications

The Jobs of the Signal Corps are Many and Varied

By Richard L. Sigerson

Industrial Blasting

Technological Progress Reveals New Uses for Dynamite as Well as New Dynamites that are Safe, Controllable

By Frank J. Byrne

Vest-Pocket Automobiles, Glue "Welding," and more

Galactic Gas Clouds

A Complex System of Enormous Rarefied Clouds of Gas Moving at High Velocity Has Been Discovered

By Henry Norris Russell

Science Enters The Woods

Research Shows that Good Forestry Practice Can Provide a Permanent Pulp and Paper Supply

By C. E. Randall

Elmer Sperry and His Magic Top

How an Inspired Inventor with an Ancient Toy Altered the World of Marine and Aerial Navigation

By Francis Sill Wickware

The Culprit Is Histamine

A Substance Normally in Our Body Cells Makes Trouble When it Escapes into the Blood Stream

By L. W. Giellerup

Child Cancer, Whose Fault?

Cancer is Not Confined to Middle and Old Age; Nobody's—And Certainly Not the Mother's

Oil From Canadian Sands

Billions of Barrels of Oil, but Not for Lubrication, May be Drawn from Northeastern Alberta

By Leonard Bourne

Orphan Agar

But Poorly Known to the General Public, Agar is One of the Nation's Most Critical War Materials

By Harold Keen

Finest Wind Tunnel, Electrical Protection, and more

Plastic Adhesive and Cleaner, Wrinkle Finish, and more

Integral Supercharger, Post-War, and more

Pre-Flight Training

Economy of Both Time and Money are Achieved With Trainer that Gives Complete Illusion of Flight

By Alexander Klemin


  • 50 Years Ago, August 1943

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