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Silver in Peace and War

The Irresistible Technical Force of Silver's Wartime Development As an Industrial Raw Material Has Crashed into an Immovable Political Wall. Fall Utilization of this Metal's Post War Industrial Potentialities Can Come Only With Public Enlightenment on Both Phases...

By Fred P. Peters

Tomorrow's Air Transport Planes

There Are Many Reasons Why There Will be Great! Increases in Airline Activities After the War. A Preview is Given Here of the Plane Types Which, it Now Appears, Will Carry Passengers and Cargo in Large Volumes and in Safely and Comfort at High Speeds...

By Alexander Klemin

Taking Dust Out of Industry

Originating Without as Well as Within the Plant, Industrial Dusts Represent Hazards to Production Processes and to Personnel Alike. These Dusts Present Problems that Science Has Answered in Many Ways, Depending on he Individual Factors Involved...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Progress in Proteins

As the Chemists in their Laboratories Learn More and More About the Fundamental Chemistry of Proteins. Industry in Ihe Factory Should be Able 10 Shift From its Present Fortuitous. Cut-and-Try Methods Toward New Progress and, in Turn, New Industries...

By James M. Crowe

Plastics' Parade

A Systematic Survey of the Growing Group of Synthetic Products Which Are Invading Almost Every Field of Industrial Endeavor. Their Wide Range of Physical and Chemical Characteristics Adapts them to Many Jobs as Substitutes, to Many Others as Original Materials...

By Albert G. Ingalls and A. F. Caprio

Motors do a Better Job

By Means of Electron Tubes, Direct Current Motors Can be Operated From Alternating Current Power Lines. The Advantages are Variable Speed Over a Wide Range, Constant Torque at Slow Speeds, Constant Horsepower at High Speeds...

By Keith Henney

Rubber: Natural Or Synthetic?

Possibilities for the Development of Natural Rubber Sources on Small Family-Owned Plantations in Ihe Western Hemisphere Loom as a Challenge to the Synthetic-Rubber Chemist in the Race for Domination of Post-War Markets...

By Earl N. Bressman and The Staff


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