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Penicillin Poses Production Problems

Present Cost of this New Miracle Drug is Some $18,000 a Pound. How to Reduce this Cost and to Produce the Pure Drug in Large Quantities Constitute Problem Number One for America's Chemical Industry...

By D. H. Killeffer

Industrial Temperature Control

Many Processes Can be Carried Out More Accurately, Faster, More Efficiently, When Immediate Temperatures are Kept Within a Predetermined Range. This Type of Temperature Control, Often Correlated With General Plant Air-Conditioning, is Being Adopted By a Number of Varied Industries...

By Edwin Laird Cady

A Lighter Age is Coming

Magnesium is Moving Ahead Rapidly and Now Challenges Aluminum in Many Industrial Applications. Spurred by the Demands of War and Particularly by the Needs of Aviation, American Technologists Have Developed Magnesium Alloys and Fabricating Methods of First-Line Importance...

By Alexander Klemin

Color Matching in Industry

Photocells and Tubes, Taking Up Where the Human Eye Fails, Make Possible Accurate Matching and Measuring of Colors, Leading to Applications in Many Fields. In Colorimetry Standard Colors are Eliminated and a New Scientific Tool is Provided that Promises Much for the Future...

By Keith Henney and John Markus

Found: The 'Lost-Wax' Process

Once Employed Chiefly for Accurate Manufacture of Small Metal Jewelry and Denial Paris. The "Lost-Wax" Casting Process Has Been Modernized and Adapted to War Production. It Now Looms as an Important Precision Method for the Post-War Production of Small Metal Parts...

By Fred P. Peters

Music in Industry

Management is Learning that There Was More than Mere Romance in the Old-Time Work Songs and Music. Psychologists' and Engineers Show that Music Powerfully Controls Workers' Emotions and Even Their Physiology...

By Albert G. Ingalls and Harold Burris-Meyer

Felt Goes to Work

Either Alone or in Combination With Other Fabrics and Natural or Synthetic Substances, Wool Felt is Being Used in Many Industries. Some of its New Alternate Applications Will Find Permanence in Post-War Days...

By The Staff and Worth Colwell

Photography, An Industrial Tool

Sensitized Film is Being Applied to New and Important Uses, not Only in the Laboratory but for Constant Checking of Production. The Spectrograph, the X-Ray, Photomicrography, the Profilograph, and the Motion Picture All Find Applications...

By Allan Perry


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