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As Metal Resources Dwindle

The Point of Scraping the Bottom of Some of the Mineral Barrels is Rapidly Approaching. Rich Iron and Aluminum Ores are Nearing Exhaustion, but the Chemical Industry is Doing Things about the Development of Methods of Working Wide-Spread Low-Grade Ores...

By D. H. Killeffer

Seeing is Believing

The Cathode-Ray Tube Comes Out of the Laboratory and Goes Into the Factory. Electrons were First Discovered and Their Characteristics Measured in the Cathode-Bay Tube; How This Member of the Electron-Tube Family Performs a Large Number of Useful Industrial Jobs...

By Keith Henny

Air Transportation-A Review and Forecast

Views of Men Outstanding in the Aviation Industry Serve to Present a Picture of What is Being Done Today and of the Effects of these Efforts On the Post-War Transportation World. Air Cargo, Safely, Gliders...

By Alexander Klemin

Ultra-Low-Melting Alloys

Peculiarly Fascinating is the Group of Alloys that Melt at Hot-Water Temperatures. Such Alloys are Now Wholly Engaged in War Work, Doing Jobs that Will Surprise Many and which Forecast and Extended Post-War Utility...

By Fred P. Peters

Winning the Battle with Snow

Modern Methods of Snow Removal and Disposal, as Practiced on Airports. City Streets, Highways, and Railroads Are Equally Applicable to Parking Lots and Long Driveways of Industrial Plants...

By Edward J. Cleary and Hal W. Hunt

What Glass is and isn't

If You Can Define Plain Common Glass You Are Wiser Than Average. Has the Essence of if Something to Do with Transparency, Brittleness, Artificiality, Ceramics, Chemical Composition? Try 1o Define Glass Before Reading; but None of these Goes to the Root of it...

By Albert G. Ingalls and C. J. Phillips

Compressed Air in Industry

Air is Used in Almost Limitless Volumes in a Seemingly Unlimited Variety of Work. When these Applications Are Rounded Up into a Synthesis They Constitute an Impressive Array. Many of the War-Time Operations Accomplished Through the Use of Air have Definite Implications for Peace...

By C. Powers


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