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Supercontrol By Electronics

Because of the Versatility of the Electron Tube--and of the Electron-- Physical and Chemical as Well as Electrical Quantities Can Be Measured. And When Quantities Can Be Measured, the Variations Detected by Electronics Can Be Translated into Accurate Control Processes...

By Keith Henney

What About Synthetic Tires?

Synthetic Production Outstripped the Rise of Knowledge of Uses, but Something is Being Done About This. Competitive Prices Now Favorable to Synthetics. Politicians Do Not Expect to Protect the Huge Investment in the Synthetic Rubber Industry...

By D. H. Killeffer

Materials Must Move

Costs Go Down, Production Goes Up, When Materials-Handling Problems are Correctly Solved. Management Thinking is Changing and is Placing Emphasis on this Vital Phase of Industry. Exact Control Achieved While Maintaining Flexibility and Adaptability of Equipment...

By Edwin Laird Cady

Aviation's Hot-House

Civil Aviation of Tomorrow Will Inherit a Rich Legacy of Important Advances from the Forced-Draught Military Researches of Today. Giant Planes with New Landing Gears, Flying Wings and Tail-First Planes, Crew-less Gliders, and Rocket Planes are Conservative Possibilities...

By Alexander Klemin

Refrigerated Metals

Heat Treatment Has a New and Highly Important Partner in the Cold-Treatment of Metals. Sub-Zero Temperatures are Now Used in Treating and Storing Aluminum Rivets, Shrink-Fitting Mating Paris, Seasoning Steel Gages, and Elsewhere...

By Fred P. Peters

Plastic Flow and Creep

Not Enough is Yet Known About the Exact Mechanism of Metal Flow and Forming. More Knowledge Will Bring Metal Improvements, also Financial Savings. The Immediate Need for New Knowledge of the Plastic Flow in Melals is for the Rapidly Evolving Gas Turbine...

By Albert G. Ingalls and A. Nadai

Gasoline From Coal

Highly Important in this Solution to the Problem of Our Dwindling Petroleum Reserves is the Study of Coals and their Adaptability to Processing into Liquid Fuels. Technical Data Must be Acquired Before the Crisis Arrives; Experimental Plants Will Provide Data for Industry...

By The Staff and Representative Jennings Randolph


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